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Service Teams

Being a specialized technical services company we have gone to great lengths in training our engineers over time in key skills demanded by the challenges they face at client sites. We have also created specialized teams to focus and be experts in their areas. 

1. The Enterprise research and development team. 

This team focuses on Back office solutions, which include

  • Server installations and configuration 
  •  Windows NT /2000/3 OS configuration and repair 
  • Linux and Unix solutions 
  • Cluster solutions
  • Messaging and database solutions 
  • Disaster recovery, Messaging and Database systems
  • Website Development
  • IT security
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Rack solutions

2. The desktop team

This team specializes on faults often manifested at the desktop level and include printing solutions memory upgrades desktop OS issues as well as end-user Training. 

3. The Electronics team 

This team specializes in Component level repair of UPS monitors and Motherboards.

4. Logistics and help desk Team

This team offers logistics support to service delivery to ensure quick response to calls. The help desk team logs and track calls until they are resolved. They are all trained in customer service skills. 

Networking Options

TCE is one of the leading IT companies in the Networking arena with several installations and years of experience to show. Most of these installations have involved the following categories. 

  • Local Area networks (LANs) are relatively small installations with all the network points in one building. 
  • Campus LANS are small LANs in separated buildings or floors interconnected using fiber optic technology. 
  • At the top end of our expertise is in Cisco router (IP) connectivity and Voice over IP setups in Wide Area Networks. 
  • TCE has implemented several countrywide data networks. We have also enabled branch-to-branch Voice connectivity within the same organization thus saving on long distance telephone costs. 
  • TCE sets up Wireless networks where the computers or laptops are located within a small radius, and where the users need to be mobile within that location. 
  • TCE also offers Network service contracts in existing networks to ensure that they are operating at optimal performance at all time 

We always insist on quality installations and adherence to set international standards and performance




Last modified on Monday, 23 February 2015 19:17
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  • 5 years experience in the Office Automation, Networking computer
  • Hardware and software industry in Kenya 
  • Involved in negotiating key agencies in the Office Automation, IT and Fiscal Devices range of products 
  • Sound IT Sales knowledge 
  • Key person involved in providing all the necessary resources required  

Responsibility and Experience: 

  • In charge of corporate business developments and functions of the company especially in respect of strategies, policies and plans 
  • 4 years experience with the TCE as overall in charge of Financial planning and budgeting tasks, business projects, investments of funds, taxation policies and development of management information systems and controls 
  • 7 years experience in IT firms at senior level 
  • Sound knowledge of statutory requirements in Kenya
  • Good HR and Administrative skills 
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