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Our ICT Profile

Over the years TCE has gained reputation in provision of quality IT Equipment,maintenance support services, structured networking cabling and software. With a wealth of experience and references to show we have faith that we shall be your reliable partner. We are proud to be associated with Cisco and Microsoft as a certified partner for their range of products and services. Today TCE is a market leader in office automation products like workstations, servers, scanners,Photocopier equipments, printers, Softwares as well as networking accessories. The majority of our business comes through our existing customer base, a clear indicator of our success in providing quality service and customer care. 

Our Mission

We at TCE are committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers by adhering to the vision of our Chairman and Directors. In order to ensure this, our Mission is to: -

  • Be recognized as the best in the business in terms of quality of both product and service.
  • Establish a system of standards that will ensure the correct level of service for our targeted markets and a system of measures that will warn us immediately of any deviation from these standards. 
  • Strive to solve problems in such a way that customers will perceive the company as different from,and superior to, its competitors. 
  • Strengthen our company’s public image as a responsible member of the local communities where it maintains offices and facilities through the quality of products, the excellence of our personnel and service, and its actions. 
  • Increase the firm’s market share and its profits. The company will strive toward these goals by developing effective procedures and providing resources. It is understood by all our staff that these goals should be met in a thoroughly and professional manner through skilled and accurate workmanship. Personal integrity and a great sense of concern for customers as well as loyalty to the company.  

 Short Term Objectives

Our short-term objectives are:

  • To secure the branded products distributorship for Office Automation,Fiscal Devices & IT, which we can market well along with our other products, hence adding to our product range. 
  • To differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing after sales service to our customers and having the range of accessories for the products traded in by the company
  • To boost our overall sales by taking out promotional offers.

Long Term Objectives

To open regional offices in other neighboring countries and provide service to all existing and potential clients. 

Our Structure

From a modest beginning, the company has grown substantially and now comprises of qualified and highly motivated professionals working as a cohesive team whose main aim is to provide total customer satisfaction. At TCE, we do not simply sell hardware and then leave the customer to look after them. We follow the following cycle of operation.  

"Sales………………Installation…………………Customer Care………………Service"

In our opinion, the key to customer satisfaction is quality care. For this reason, we have set up a dedicated customer care team to enable us provide personalized professional services. Customers can contact TCE customer care for any queries or compliments. We believe this approach will help us to become more flexible and responsive to market demands and customer needs, and will lead to significant business growth. 

Promotional Plans

  • We normally run our own promotions, in conjunction with the supplies/distributor’s network,which helps in building distributor loyalty. 
  • We use various Medias to help in promoting our products.
  • We also have road signage promoting our company, which could be used to promote offers.
  • We would also have live demonstrations at strategic places like shopping malls, which could be used to promote offers.  
  • Provide an unequalled level of service both pre-sale and post-sale, which will lead to recommendations by word of mouth, ensuring customer loyalty and repeat business 

 Distribution Channels 

  • We already have a large distribution base, covering the country.
  • Our own outlets now numbering two will also be expanded to other major towns.

 Value-Added Services 

We already have service center where we provide after sales service like repairs, which is an added advantage also we are offering a complete mobile solution through our product offering making TCE a one stop shop for Office Automation needs. 

 Other Services

TCE has assembled a team of highly qualified and trained professionals to maintain the products they sell. These individuals are fully supported by readily available supplies for each and every model marketed by TCE since 2010. Under our service contract, preventive maintenance is carried regularly to ensure peak performance of our products and thus minimizing breakdown calls. Service calls are promptly attended to with, as far as possible time kept within shortest time of the call. TCE strongly believes in in – house training and conducts intensive technical training programmes. 

ICT Technical Services

ICT Un- availability occurs when the end user cannot carry out routine tasks due to a fault in a component of the ICT system. In most situations this happens at the desktop level and with end users. While the effect of this may be limited to those users, in situations where there is a chain process, a failure with one user will slow the entire unit. Contracting a quality service provider with agreed response times and expected service levels can reduce the loss associated by this. Training of the users also helps them resolve small incidents. With TCE you get all these services upon request. 


Last modified on Monday, 23 February 2015 18:46
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  • 5 years experience in the Office Automation, Networking computer
  • Hardware and software industry in Kenya 
  • Involved in negotiating key agencies in the Office Automation, IT and Fiscal Devices range of products 
  • Sound IT Sales knowledge 
  • Key person involved in providing all the necessary resources required  

Responsibility and Experience: 

  • In charge of corporate business developments and functions of the company especially in respect of strategies, policies and plans 
  • 4 years experience with the TCE as overall in charge of Financial planning and budgeting tasks, business projects, investments of funds, taxation policies and development of management information systems and controls 
  • 7 years experience in IT firms at senior level 
  • Sound knowledge of statutory requirements in Kenya
  • Good HR and Administrative skills