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Office Supplies

When it comes to making your desktop or laptop computer more productive, efficient, and easy to use, upgrading your computer's hardware or software is the first thing that comes to mind. Having the right computer accessories, like webcams, keyboards, speakers, and power surge protection strips are also important accessories to help you get the most out of your computer. We supply all the accessories you need for your work computer. We offer a wide selection of computer accessories that you can use to make using your computer more productive and more fun. Our webcams allow you to record live video right from your computer. Choose from keyboards and mice in both wired and wireless models, and also in ergonomic models for more comfortable typing. Don't forget about other computer accessories, such as speakers and headsets. They keep your office functioning while enhancing your online experience. Also, power surge protection strips, laptop bags, and other accessories and tools that protect your computer or laptop. TCE has a lot of great deals on a large selection of accessories for your office!

The Company has quality product portfolio with which we service the local market.

Our product range includes: 

DELL Computer Products 

The company is an authorized Premier business partner for DELL. The range of products Mainly consists of: -

  • Servers (Low end to High end)
  • Workstations 
  • Laptops 
  • Desktops 
  • Monitors (TFTs and CRTs) 
  • Printers 
  • Notebooks 

Office Automation and Security Equipment Products 

The company deals in a wide range of Office Automation and Security Equipment

  1. Nashuatec Digital Photocopiers (Mono and color) 
  2. Risograph Copy Printers / Nashuatec Copy Printers 
  3. Billcon Coin Counters
  4. De La Rue Note Counters
  5. HSM shredder machines
  6. Pitney Bowes Franking machines
  7. Triumph Adler Typewriter / Brother Typewriter 
  8. Kyocera Photocopier machine
  9. Dollar Detector & Valuators
  10. Sharp Photocopier
  11. Binders/ Laminating Machines
  12. Brother Fax Machines
  13. POS All in One Systems
  14. Safes:
  • Fire resistance
  • Room Safes
  • Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets (4 drawers)
  • Ordinary Filing Cabinets (4 drawers) and Cupboards
Last modified on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 19:22
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  • 5 years experience in the Office Automation, Networking computer
  • Hardware and software industry in Kenya 
  • Involved in negotiating key agencies in the Office Automation, IT and Fiscal Devices range of products 
  • Sound IT Sales knowledge 
  • Key person involved in providing all the necessary resources required  

Responsibility and Experience: 

  • In charge of corporate business developments and functions of the company especially in respect of strategies, policies and plans 
  • 4 years experience with the TCE as overall in charge of Financial planning and budgeting tasks, business projects, investments of funds, taxation policies and development of management information systems and controls 
  • 7 years experience in IT firms at senior level 
  • Sound knowledge of statutory requirements in Kenya
  • Good HR and Administrative skills