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Company Background

History and Position to Date

The Timcage Enterprises (Msa) has been active in Kenya for the last 4 years, with trading units throughout Kenya. It is a well-reputed Company, and one of the Fastest Growing of its kind in the IT Industry. The Company first ventured into Office Automation in 2010, when it became among the KRA ETR Dealers in Kenya (Nairobi, Mombasa) and now it has established itself as a market leader in the Networking, IT Hardware and Softwares. With the growth in this industry coupled with the liberalization of the Software Vendors industry in Kenya. The company has two outlets at present, one in Nairobi, and one in Mombasa. it has access to the group’s network and large client base. This has helped TCE grow its corporate base. The company has a well-established name within the KRA and plays a pivotal role in establishing a decent market base for the distribution of Fiscal products. 

The Management Team

The management team is highly motivated and committed to the growth potential of the business. All Existing units are running independently under the supervision of the management teams. The company regularly organizes its own in-house training programmes for the existing and new products. We have regular training programs on products knowledge, utilities and customer service. Following is a brief profile of the management team that is currently involved in the operations and management of the business activities along with the new developments in the field of telecommunications and IT industry.

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  • 5 years experience in the Office Automation, Networking computer
  • Hardware and software industry in Kenya 
  • Involved in negotiating key agencies in the Office Automation, IT and Fiscal Devices range of products 
  • Sound IT Sales knowledge 
  • Key person involved in providing all the necessary resources required  

Responsibility and Experience: 

  • In charge of corporate business developments and functions of the company especially in respect of strategies, policies and plans 
  • 4 years experience with the TCE as overall in charge of Financial planning and budgeting tasks, business projects, investments of funds, taxation policies and development of management information systems and controls 
  • 7 years experience in IT firms at senior level 
  • Sound knowledge of statutory requirements in Kenya
  • Good HR and Administrative skills 
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